Hafiz Mustafa Turkish Tea, Coffee & Sahlep

Hafiz Mustafa

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Green One : Apple Tea

Turkish Apple Tea by Hafiz Mustafa 1864 โ„ข.ย Made with real pieces of apple, this is the ultimate Turkish apple tea experience known worldwide.ย Not the powdery nonsense.

  • Weight: 75 gr
  • Turkish apple tea
  • Made with real apples

Red One : Pomegranate Tea

  • Weight: 75 gr
  • World famous Pomegranate Tea brand of Turkey; Hafiz Mustafa
  • Most popular drink for Istanbul visitors and a must have product from Grand Bazaar.
  • If you are looking for this famous Turkish Pomegranate Tea taste, this is what you are looking for!
  • Instant Granulated Pomegranate Flavoured Drink
  • Natural & Traditional product
  • You can drink as cold or hot

Brown One :ย Gum Mastic Coffee

  • Weight: 75 gr
  • Its unique Artukbey identity and flavor cannot be shared, it has a super flavor because it consists of a mixture of (seven) 7 kinds of coffee (three) and 3 kinds of plants, all of which are special. Even the ones who donโ€™t like coffee can drink it easily. The architect of this coffee is Mardin Artukbey Coffee Company. Do not throw away your health money.
  • It has a mind-strengthening effect, has a stimulating effect on the digestive system, an appetite, strengthens the memory, gas expectorant, removes bad breath, strengthens the organs of the genus, good for colds, good for the stomach, good for the ringworm. It removes the problem of anorexia in continuous use, has diuretic properties, runs the stomach, treats dysentery, prevents heart disease due to gastric gas, migraine occurring as a result of stomach disorder, passes into the powder and breaks the nose.

White One : Sahlep Powder

  • Weight: 75 gr
  • Turkish salep is one of the most fascinating drinks around the world.
  • Itsย flavor is unique, so no words can exactly describe how yummy it tastes.
  • So creamy and milky that both kids and adults LOVE it like crazy.
  • It is served with cinnamon powder on the top. The best food couple ever!
  • Thatโ€™s because everyone loves it at first sip.
  • From world famous brand of Turkey; Hafiz Mustafa
  • One of the most popular winter drink for Istanbul visitors and a must have product from Grand Bazaar.
  • If you are looking for this famous Turkish Sahlep taste, this is what you are looking for!
  • Natural & Traditional product
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Apple Tea, Pomegranate Tea, Gum Mastic Coffee, Sahlep Powder

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